Kitchen Party

What is a Kitchen Party?
A kitchen party is a gathering of friends and family at someones house where music is played and food is served. Usually held in and around the Kitchen (hence the name).
Jake Book first learned of "kitchen parties" from a man in New York who was from Nova Scotia. He said the many families there of Irish and Scottish decent hold them regularly.
Historic Records will be hosting their second annual Kitchen Party this year.

Why do we have a Kitchen Party?
Well besides the fact that it is FUN, we hold the kitchen party as a way to gather with our fellow friends and musicians for a nice evening of music and food. We also record this event live. We then release the album and the proceeds go towards the label to allow us to keep putting out good music!

Who can come to the kitchen party?
ANYONE! You don't have to play an instrument to come be apart of the festivities.

When is it?
The 2012 Kitchen Party will be held on the night of December 15th! We hope to see you all there!